AESTHETIC clinic customer testimonials

Heiner Schlüter

Wasnt sure what to expect when I visited Myrrha for my consultation but i felt at ease as soon as i met her. So friendly and has the patience of a saint. She really knows what she is doing her experience and knowledge is second to none. Extremely professional i could recommend her moree

Yvonne Krüger

Recently came here for permanent hair removal, the beauticians here have been so accommodating and attentive. Results exceptionally well. If you are looking for hair removal, look no further, Thank you ladies :)

Sushant Singh

One of the awesome services and a place where you can get every type of treatment. Old branch and so much happy and satisfied with their services.

Suraj Mahto

I am absolutely 100% happy from myrrha aesthetics. I would highly recommended to family and friends

Dipika Rajput

I like there sincerety and dedication to the work they do, I highly recommended this myrrha aesthetics.

Avi Fitz

Called her on Thursday, she managed to squeeze me in last minute as I was flying out on the weekend. Full treatment done and dusted

Fadima Eriks

Thank you. Very good aesthetician, no pain like other people Results still showing. Greatt service!!

Jeff Blair

I am absolutely 100% happy from myrrha aesthetics. I would highly recommended to family and friends.

Al E

Mirra is very professional, attention to detail made me feel very comfortable and I trust her to do my aesthetics because of this.

Rod Adams

Skin Care Clinic , Best service 100% recommend to everyone for hair removal, Amazing staff. If you haven’t try yet! Don’t hesitate give it a go , you won’t regret it. I’m overwhelmed by my treatment Thanks to amazing staff.

Ediz Eker

Had my botox and dermal fillers and was very impressed with the quality of treatment that I received from her and the attention to details

David Khalil

From initial contact to follow up. She was professional all the way. Great results. Needed less than anticipated

Sara Evans

I attended myrrha clinic for my fat dissolving treatment and I can honestly say I was very impressed with my experience here. I was greeted by the very friendly Aestetician Mirra, the clinic felt very ambient and could not fault the hygiene and was amazed at how clean and crisp everything looked. Mirra was very professional and made me feel confident in the treatment plan. she made me feel at ease and talked me through every step of the way. I was so impressed with my treatment I booked my anti wrinkle injections the following week. This clinic is my new favourite place, I highly recommend.
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