At Myrrha Essence Aesthetics, we provide a range of non-surgical cosmetic treatments. All Aesthetic practitioners are fully qualified, and our number 1 goal is to ensure you achieve the desired results you are looking for.

We genuinely care about our clients and only offer cosmetic treatments that are suitable. We provide you with a free consultation to ensure you are receiving the right treatments.

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Skin boosters are injectable treatment that is designed to deliver deep skin hydration.

Skin boosters are also referred to as injections for skin quality, as they promote a natural glow and radiance.

This is a relatively new treatment concept that has become a lot more popular over the past few years.

It appeals to patients who want to look fresh and natural with their anti-ageing treatments.


Botox is by far the most common non-surgical, anti-wrinkle treatment for the face. It is an effective way to smooth out your wrinkles and fine lines by temporarily reducing the activity of muscles that cause wrinkles, giving a more youthful, ageless appearance.

Having been used as a cosmetic procedure for more than 25 years, it has a remarkable and proven safety history. At Myrrha’s Essence we use industry leading techniques and brands to deliver the best natural results!

Our medically led Botox treatments use industry leading techniques to deliver powerful Anti-Wrinkles results.


Dermal Fillers are the leading non-surgical treatments for ageing in the face. It is used to plump the skin to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines in addition to filling deep lines and creases.

​Dermal Fillers are a great choice for those who want a practical and cost effective solution to combat signs of ageing. They are also a fantastic way to plump thin or wrinkled lips, plump cheeks, contour the face, rectify bags under the eye and fix a bent/dropping nose.

At Myrrha’s Essence we use industry leading techniques and brands to deliver the best natural results!


Hyaluronidase is a protein enzyme whose primary role is to breakdown Dermal Fillers in the body.

​Left alone, Dermal fillers are generally metabolised by the body very slowly. However, sometimes this treatment is required for a quick fix procedure.

This dissolving filler only works with dermal fillers made by Hyaluronic acid.

At Myrrha’s Essence we only use the leading Hyaluronidase brands the market currently has available.

All treatments assessed and performed by qualified professionals.

A relatively new concept where no other can surpass, PDO Threads is an extremely advanced procedure which consists of treating the face by creating scaffolds via placement of the PDO Threads which in return builds collagen.

The results are smoothed out fine lines and wrinkles which then lifts the flaccid skin.

​PDO COG Threads have been marketed as an alternative to more invasive procedures such as a face lift due to the long recovery time, cost and sometimes undesirable results we often see associated with a surgical face lift.

Threads are most effective when used with other complimentary aesthetic treatments in order to achieve the absolute best contours.

Fat dissolving injections are a safe and effective treatment that reduces fat cells in the treated areas. It produces long lasting results which means you can finally be gone with those annoying wobbly bits.

​Most common areas to be treated are around the double chin, abdomen, thighs, saddle bags, stomach and upper arms.

Most clients notice a visibility in difference within six weeks with subsequent treatments further improving the overall results.

Most patients require three to four treatment sessions in order to achieve the best results.

Microneedling is a derma roller procedure that uses small needles to prick the skin to generate new collagen and skin tissue for smoother, firmer, and more toned skin.

During the procedure, the practitioner will make prick incisions under the skin with a pen-like tool. Then will move the tool evenly around your skin so that the new skin that rejuvenates will be even too. The pinpricks are so small that you won’t notice them once the session is completed.

Though commonly done on the face, Microneedling can be done almost anywhere on your body and can also treat various scars.


Cryosurgery is a treatment that uses extreme cold produced by liquid nitrogen or argon gas to destroy abnormal tissue. In this treatment liquid nitrogen is used to remove skin growths, and fade age spots. Cryotherapy is recognised as a benchmark in Dermatology practice. With quick and pain-free treatments, benign cosmetic lesions can be removed in a matter of seconds.

  • Warts
  • Skin Tags
  • Benign Moles
  • Solar Lentigines
  • Verrucas
  • Cherry Angioma
  • Seborrhoeic Keratosis

Cryotherapy is the controlled destruction of unwanted tissue by the precise application of extreme cold.




We are accredited and fully qualified Aesthetics Practitioners who offer our clients the latest and best cosmetic treatments in order to achieve the best results.



We have a range of cosmetic procedures aimed at enhancing your skin texture and appearance to give your face and body the look you strive to achieve.



Safety is our top priority, we conduct a health assessment and for all procedures, to ensure the treatments you desire are safe and suitable.


Listed below are some of the common non-surgical treatment questions and answers.
If you cannot find an answer to your question, then simply book a free consultation today.

Do you offer Anti Wrinkle treatments?
We offer a range of Anti-Wrinkle treatments to enhance and rejuvenate your skin. This procedure does not require large incisions, general anaesthesia, or overnight hospitalisation.
What can Anti Wrinkle treatments be used for?

Our Anti-Wrinkle treatments can be used for:

Brow Lift
Achieves those desired arched eyebrows or simply removes that sleep look with a simple Botox injectable procedure. Unlike surgery, this treatment is painless and non-invasive.

Crow’s Feet
Those wrinkles that develop around the corners of the eye and can give your eyes an older and more tired look. Usually combined with a brow lift to give the ultimate smooth, fresh and bright look.

Gummy Smile
Revealing a lot of gum above your top teeth, treatment in this area can help by slightly relaxing the upper lip muscles so you can significantly reduce the appearance of your gums.

Nose Wrinkles (Bunny Lines)
Fine lines and wrinkles around the upper part of the nose that becomes even more apparent when you laugh, squint and scrunch up your nose or even when you are static. Anti-Wrinkle treatment targeted in this area results in a smoother, youthful and refreshed appearance.

Pebble Chin
Also known as ‘Orange Peel Chin’ is a condition which makes the chin appear bumpy and uneven. Treatment in this section is a quick and effective way to relax the chin muscles by smoothing out the chin area giving you a softer and more youthful contour.

Bruxism (Chronic Teeth Grinding)
A painful condition that affects many people and has adverse effect when left untreated. The injections can reduce the pain and frequency of teeth grinding while relieving the stress in surrounding muscles.

Forehead Lines
Our skin loses its firmness (elastin) and plumpness (collagen) due to natural ageing and inevitable forms forehead lines. These horizontal lines across the forehead can make you look older and more stressed. Anti-Wrinkle treatment can reduce or completely remove this while still maintaining natural movement in the area.

Frown Lines
These are vertical wrinkles seen between your eyebrows and surrounding area. They often cause individuals to look angry, stressed, tired, intense or concerned all the time. These frown lines can be smoothed out to give you a clean and stress-free look.

Hyperhidrosis (Excessive sweating)
The most effective and hassle-free treatment for Hyperhidrosis is Botulinum Toxin Injections. The underarm sweating can be reduced up to 90%. Results from just one treatment session lasts for up to six months.

Jawline Slimming
Enlarged masseter muscles can be a concerning issue for both men and women, often resulting in an overly square jawline that gives a harsh appearance. This can be rectified to create a slimmed, more attractive and youthful jawline feature.

What are the benefits of Anti-Wrinkle treatments?

Listed below are the key benefits of our Anti-Wrinkle treatments:

  • Drastically reduces the appearance of Wrinkles
  • Avoids deep creases ever forming with continuous treatment
  • No recovery downtime needed
  • Can treat a range of health issues
  • Non-surgical / invasive treatment
Do you offer Dermal Filler treatments?
We offer a range of Dermal Filler treatments to enhance and rejuvenate your skin. This procedure does not require large incisions, general anaesthesia or overnight hospitalisation.
What can Dermal Filler treatments be used for?

Our Dermal Filler treatments can be used for:

Full face lift
A vast range of safe non-surgical facial treatments that can reverse the signs of ageing in a short period of time. Clients have the option to choose a more natural or enhanced look on the cheeks, lips, under the eyes and etc.

Fillers on the lips are a perfect way to enhance your look. One of the most common treatments used for Dermal Fillers which can offer a new look to any face.

Tear Through
The skin around the eye area is very sensitive and fragile, often resulting in a sunken look and dark circles under the eyes, making a face look exhausted and drawn.

Nose (15 minute nose job)
Non-surgical rhinoplasty (also known as liquid rhinoplasty) is a safe, non-invasive alternative to traditional rhinoplasty. Only involving Dermal filler injections that are strategically injected to reshape the nose to smoothen out bumps and bridges, define the tip and straighten the nose.

Nasal-labial folds
These lines run from the outer corners of the nose to the corners of the mouth and occur with ageing and volume loss in the cheek area.

Marionette lines
These appear like shadows that extend from the corner of the mouth downwards. These deep lines can make the face look like it is sagging and has a sad appearance.

Smoker’s / Lipstick / Smile Lines
These are fine wrinkles and lines on the upper and or lower lips. This treatment will help to ease and soften those deep unwanted lines around the mouth area.

Chin fillers are great for anyone who wants a better side or front profile. Fixed unsymmetrical faces, adds definition and balance to facial features.

This treatment can be used to create gentle defined curves and give you a more chiselled look.

Well defined cheeks create balance, improve the facial profile and adds a symbol of youth to any face. A great solution for lost facial volume is cheek augmentation.

What are the benefits of Dermal Filler treatments?

Listed below are the key benefits of our Anti-Wrinkle treatments:

  • Safe alternative
  • Reversible results
  • Restores volume to hollowing areas of the face
  • Fills wrinkles and the appearance of loose skin
  • Tailored treatment to your individual facial anatomy
Do you offer Dissolving Dermal treatments?

Yes, at Myrrha Aesthetics we offer Dissolving Dermal treatments. Dermal fillers have many cosmetic benefits but sometimes, the filler may need to be removed from the body. We use Hyaluronidase treatment to breakdown unwanted Dermal fillers in the skin. It is a safe and effective method of dissolving unwanted Dermal fillers.

What are the benefits of Dermal Filler treatments?

Listed below are the key benefits of our Dissolving Dermal treatments:

  • Quick procedure to eliminate unwanted dermal fillers. Average procedures completed around1 hour.
  • Stress and hassle-free method with no downtime required.
  • Fix bad reactions done from other treatments
Do you offer PDO Threads treatment?

Yes, at Myrrha Aesthetics we offer PDO Threads treatments. PDO Threads is a non-surgical and cosmetic procedure used to restore volume and fullness back to the face. The treatment works by reducing or eliminating completely – lines, wrinkles, folds in the skin as well as skin tightening just like one would expect from a surgical face lift.

The PDO Threads we use are made from a substance called ‘Polydioxanone’. Commonly used for biomedical applications, particularly in the preparation of surgical sutures.

Over time, the threads are degraded by Hydrolysis (degradation of a substance with the help of water) and the end products are mainly excreted by urine. The remainder being eliminated by digestion or exhaled as CO2. Depending on the size of the PDO suture, the biomaterial is completely reabsorbed in six months and can be seen only as a foreign body reaction in the tissue in the vicinity of the implant. Which is exactly what we want from aesthetic PDO Threads, as collagen will then build up around the thread and create a lifting effect.

Here at Myrrha’s, the V shape is the preference and the outcome we endeavour to achieve with PDO COG Threads.

What are the benefits of PDO Threads treatment?

Listed below are the key benefits of our PDO Threads treatment:

  • Helps to restore our skin to its former youthful appearance.
  • Reduces pores, tightens the skin, treats wrinkles, improves skin quality and reduces submental fat pads (double chin)
  • Effects are seen immediately after treatment.
  • The results get better with time as the collagen builds up around the dissolving threads.
  • A safer alternative to more invasive procedures such as a surgical face lift.
Do you offer Fat Dissolving treatment?
Yes, at Myrrha Aesthetics we offer Fat Dissolving treatments. Adipocytes (fat cells) are broken down with the use of Sodium Deoxycholate solution. This causes a localised inflammatory response from the body. The response is vital and allows the destroyed fat cells to be removed and excreted via the kidneys.

Once the fat cells have been destroyed by the solution, the effect is permanent. The side effects are minimal and self-resolving. Minor swelling is to be expected and usually subsides after 48 hours.

What are the benefits of PDO Threads treatment?

Listed below are the key benefits of our PDO Threads treatment:

  • Permanent results.
  • Targets areas exercise can’t achieve.
  • No recovery time needed.
Do you offer Microneedling treatment?

Yes, at Myrrha Aesthetics we offer Microneedling treatment. Mechanical Microneedling, more traditionally known as Collagen Induction Therapy (CTI) – helps induce your body’s natural response to trauma and kick starts the repairs system, therefore encouraging the creation of collagen which keeps your skin plump and hydrated. Microneedling is a derma roller procedure that uses small needles to prick the skin to generate new collagen and skin tissue for smoother, firmer and more toned skin.

Total prep and procedure time is about two hours. You may need at least four sessions or more for the best possible results.

Although considered safe for most people who are in overall good health, the treatment isn’t suitable for people who use certain acne medication or are pregnant.

What are the benefits of Microneedling treatment?

Listed below are the key benefits of our Microneedling treatment:

  • Treat your skin from issues such as ageing including wrinkles and fine lines, scars, stretch marks and acne.
  • Generates new collagen and skin tissues for smoother, firmer and toned skin.
  • Minimally invasive, requiring no recovery time.
  • No aftercare apart from minor redness and irritation for a few days after.
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